Mysterious tooth/facial pain

Discussion in 'General Dentistry Discussion' started by Jordi, Jul 3, 2014.

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    Jul 3, 2014
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    Hello. I need some advice. I am very frustrated. It all started two years ago when I had a root canal done on tooth number 5 because of tooth pain. Since the pain never went away I went back to my endodontist to check if something had been missed. He told me that the root canal job looked o.k. and that he couldn't help me any longer because my pain was a " phantom pain ".

    After enduring the pain for over two more years I went to see another endodontist who recommended a retreatment. I had the retreatment done last Wednesday and a temporary crown placed (a week ago) but the pain is worse than ever. I went back to see the dentist who placed the temporary crown, and he realized that my upper palate is quite red. He referred me to an oral surgeon but the oral surgeon just kept telling me how frustrated he felt because he didn't know why I was still hurting. I feel pain on my upper palate near tooth 5, and the pain gets worse by touching that area. It is also painful when I bite with that tooth but only at a specific angle or by tapping on the tooth. Also by drinking liquids.

    The oral surgeon said that the tooth could have a small crack but it could not be seen on X rays. He talked about a machine that he has that might be able to detect cracks but there is no guarantee, and it is expensive, so I decided to wait.

    The oral surgeon prescribed Peridex and amoxicillin and the dentist prescribed a narcotic. I bought Advil too. They don't seem to help. My pain radiates up to my right eye through my right cheek.

    I am scheduled with the dentist to place the permanent crown in three weeks, which is now being built in the lab,

    I don't know what else to do. Will I have to undergo this pain the rest of my life?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards,

    Jordi, Jul 3, 2014
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