Teeth extremely sensitive during cleanings

Oct 12, 2017
For years now, cleanings hurt. I have gum recession and some gum disease (most of the gum disease is reversible). I take care of my teeth now and haven't had any cavities in a couple of years, but the water and scraping during cleanings is unbearable... probably the worst regular pain I experience. My previous dentist would numb one side of my mouth, perform the cleaning, then schedule another appointment to do the other side (no extra charge). Since I moved, one dentist flat refused to do this and another wants to charge me $100/cleaning extra for it. I'm using an anti-sensitivity toothpaste and I always take Ibuprofen before a cleaning. I thought about oragel, but since I ask for them to apply topical anesthetic before a cleaning anyway, I'm assuming that wouldn't help. Is there anything else I can do?


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