Did my dentist mess up?

Aug 9, 2017
On the 1st August I went to the dentist because it hurt to open my jaw. He said I have four holes and they need fillings. Straight forward enough. although he did give me the injections wait a minute and get started. Yep felt the first one. After the next set of injections I was finally numb. Was until midnight. I had the fillings and that was that. He told me the pain should be gone by the next day. It didn't. I originally thought it was sensitivity but the pain got worse and at the end of last week my gum became sore and swollen.

I went back and my dentist was on holiday. I had this woman that didn't really speak good english. She didn't answer any of my questions and kept telling me to see my dentist when he got back from holiday. She did say the tooth might be rotten so I might need root canal or extraction but the inflammation needs to go down before they can see anything. So I'm going to be in pain until the 21st and maybe after that. The pain is in a completely different place directly under one of my new fillings.

Did my dentist mess up? Or will I be charged £200 like a dodgy garage?


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