Is too much dental x-rays good for health? Didn't use apron for paranomic x-ray. Is it harmful?

Feb 12, 2019
I just had few dental x-rays today and I am freaking out now.
I went to my dentist office last Wednesday for some issues and he did take an x-ray on that particular area. So it's just an x-ray for the lower left side.

I went back today for some urgent dental issue and the dentist took another x-ray today also. It's also on the same lower left side. Same as last week . The x-ray for 2 teeth. Within a week, I had taken 2 x-rays of same kind.
Today, he also wanted me to take a paranomic x-ray and I did take that to rule out if there is anything causing the issue. This is the first time I am taking the paranomic x-ray and haven't done that before. The staff asked me to remove my earrings and told me to put my face in there.

My concern is,
1. She didn't give me any apron for the paranomic x-ray and I also forgot to ask her. Just realised after coming back.
Is she forgot to give apron? Anyway, the body would have got some radiations right? I so scared if it cause any harm?
I am not pregnant. But she did give me apron for the small x-ray which she has taken when I was in the dental chair. The paranomic machine was in another room and she took me there and didn't give me any apron. The dentist office is closed now and I cannot call her and ask white she didn't give me apron. Also, I tried to close my eyes during the panaromic x-ray and may be I opened after few seconds. Does it do any harm to the eyes if open?
And without apron does it harm to the body and any harm to the Head/brain?

2. Whether too much dental x-rays within a short time is good for health? Does it harm?
I know these questions will be silly to some of you. But as a dental nervous patient and very naive on the dental stuff, these are running on my mind.
Please help if you have any inputs on this.
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Dec 6, 2017
In the UK they only give you an apron if you are a child or pregnant. The levels of radiation used in dental x rays are very low. You are exposed to similar levels of natural radiation or if you take a plane journey. That said they do avoid unnecessary x rays these days.


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