Dentist did deep filling...but is it over?

Jan 8, 2018
So a couple months ago after not seeing my dentist regularly after a lot of mishaps, I was told I needed a root canal. I waited, thinking this is going to be too expensive and there's no way I had to get one. Went back for a filling two days ago, I told the same dentist (regular who always did my fillings) that I was considering the consultation...but money was the issue. He nodded, checked the tooth and decided to work on it.

The procedure was fine, it was probably one of the worst fillings I had to get done with more drilling than usual. But he got it done. He said I was very close to having to get one but he said it should be fine...

I go home to check the filling and it looks better than ever... Except this.

The tooth looked wayyy worse than this, but I'm concerned if this is still the cavity or very bad staining/spot he left. I'm afraid of going back to ask why he left the spot and should I be worried but it might be a spot overlooked, a red flag of an inevitable root canal, or just staining. Would like a confirmation of what I should do. I will be going back in a few weeks for two more fillings.


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