Dentist left me confused about gum status

Oct 19, 2022
Hi went to dentist for an exam but she left me so confused, so Friday I go to get my gums and teeth examined she also did a perio probe also x-rays she tells me that my gums look unwell and they were bleeding she told me schedule my regular cleaning which I did which I know about the bleeding because of gingivitis I asked about my teeth she said they were ok no cavities etc. Now about my gums she didn't say if I still had gingivitis or if it progressed just they bleeding a lot and to get the cleaning that's when I decided to ask if the gingivitis progressed or if I passed gingavitis stage that's when she said that I now have periodontal disease I don't understand why she didn't just that right away...she said my my gum pockets where my back teeth are 4mm I think it I think 4-5 kinda loose and the rest was 3 I think so I then I said so I'm at the stage where this isn't reversible but she said it's still reversible I asked about a more deep cleaning she said just get the regular cleaning insurance might not cover I asked about bone loss I think she said I didn't have any at least I think that's what she said, she also told me after I spit out the mouthwash we'll talk more after I did she hands me card to schedule the cleaning and didn't seem as concerned she was talking about this as if I still have gingivitis and not gum disease that has progressed and I always thought the stage after gingivitis is when bone loss occurs the more I asked questions the more she rushed me out of there unless I possibly misheard and she said I do have gingivitis or still do but here I am confused.


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