Do the toys matter? Should I go to a dentist in a different city?

Oct 10, 2022
So recently I've moved to my hometown, a smaller city in central Europe. And finding a dentist online has been difficult. I've seen some dreadful offices that look like they're from the past, but most importantly I feel like dentistry here hasn't caught up to the modern dentistry.

In the end I did go to a dentist and got some work done, and now I have problem with a crown, but I'll open a separate thread for that.

There are things I find dentists here do which I don't necessarily agree with, and toys that no one here seems to have.

1) I've called about 10 dental offices, only 1 has Cerec same-day crowns technology (their office looks like crap)
2) No one has a T-scan (to check occlusion). So they just use the paper thing, which isn't as accurate
3) No one takes prints for crowns digitally. They all use the outdated and not as accurate paste in your mouth for the model
4) Most don't put a temporary crown in while you're waiting for your permanent crown. I feel this can mess up your gums as well as the adjescent teeth.
5) They're all "1 dentist does everything" places. Shouldn't the root canal be done by the root canal specialist? The crown by the crown specialist? etc etc

Keep in mind, these are only things I noticed as a patient with decent experience with dentists in my 32 years.

The only bright side is that dentists here cost about 40% less than the ones in the capital city.

But I feel as though I'm living in the past. I want the accurate model so that my crown comes out a perfect fit. I want the temporary crown so that my teeth don't move even a millimeter. I want the temporary crown so that my gums retain their shape while I wait for the permanent crown. And I want my occlusion to be checked digitally after a crown or a filling is done, to make sure that my bite is correct all the way.

So what do you guys think? Maybe I'm paranoid, I don't know. But should I just eat up the cost and invest my time to go to the capital city, where I'll get the latest and greatest?


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