Pain on left side of mouth teeth for over 3 months now, have seen two dentists. Could wisdom tooth be issue?

Aug 3, 2020
So I’ve had a pain on the left side of my mouth for while, take ibuprofen and Advil daily to somewhat help it. After I had this X-ray done, my family dentist filled a cavity on the top left of my mouth and pulled the wisdom tooth next to it. The pain has not gone away....... I can’t pinpoint a specific tooth either it’s just a general pain in the back left. Could it be my wisdom tooth on the bottom left? I’m thinking about going to an oral surgeon and getting it removed as well as my other wisdom teeth. Or could it be something else?


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Dr M

Verified Dentist
May 31, 2019
Good day

Based on your x-ray, it does look like your bottom left wisdom is impacted. Sometimes this pain can radiate up to year ear and even cause headaches or earache.
My opinion would be to remove the wisdom tooth, as well as the teeth on the right side.
You have several other fillings and it is difficult to judge their quality on a panoramic x-ray alone. For this a clinical exam with peri-apical x-rays may be required, since it " zooms in " on the area and then it can be seen if there is possible secondary decay. The filling on your upper left also looks quite deep and close to the nerve ( assuming the decay was removed and a new filling was done? ). If it is too close to the nerve or in the nerve, this could also cause pain, even at the bottom, since pain can be referred.

Hope this helps


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