Fear of Dentist from Childhood experiences

Aug 29, 2022
Evening guys, I posted this in the wrong section I think. So reposting in this 1

I have a real fear / phobia of dentist. I get anxious just taking my kids for their check ups. But try and keep it in check for the sake of my kids, if they see I’m fearing their appointment it’s going to make them be fearful.

My fear comes from my childhood when my dentist always knocked me out with the Gas when I needed an extraction, I used to fight it and always threw up when I came round.

Closest I’ve got to regular check ups since have been visits to the emergency dentist.

I’ve also neglected my teeth over the years, and have a few broken teeth that cause no pain, (broken down to the gum line broken). And recently fractured another tooth over the last few weeks which wasn’t causing any pain until a day or so ago, and started with a severe toothache, but eased slightly today.

Because I have neglected my teeth. Along with my fear from my childhood, it’s making me more anxious/nervous/fearful of visiting a dentist.

Probably just need some reassurance. That there’s nothing to fear. maybe a little telling off by the dentist.



Verified Dentist
Jun 14, 2018
Modern dentistry has improved a lot. It usually involves less trauma and more predictable results. Try to get in sooner. The more your teeth deteriorate, the fewer options available.


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