Braces Vs Invisalign - What are your experiences??

Mar 5, 2017
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Hi there,

At the age of 35 I have finally doing something about my teeth! I have researched my options and didn't think that Invisalign would be an option for me. Having had a consultation with a orthodontist yesterday he has recommended Invisalign but also happy for me to have clear braces. Obviously discreet is a factor to my decision but am now confused as to which option to take. I am concerned that Invisalign is all down to me and what is involved with them ie taking out to eat and drink but still needing to keep them in for 22 hours. If people have had them, how does it affect day to day life as well as your social life, nights out etc. Also if people have had the clear brackets are they hard to stop staining? Any comments of both Invisalign and Insignia/Damon Clear would be great! thank you :)


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