Black lines on tooth - I'm freaking out!

Apr 3, 2014
Hi I have never been to a Dentist before, Family issues. I have now broken free from those and living life as a full time employed adult. My mother never took me to the dentist, as I guess as ive grown older ive over looked it as it was never a priority as a kid. Ive considered my teeth to be quite healthy.

Anyway, I have had 2 brown/black lines on my back teeth for some years, they have never ached or anything, so ive just left them. Anyway just today ive noticed those black lines between my front teeth on the inside. I have searched the internet in terror and sheer panic all morning which eventually led me here.

I will post photos, do you guys think its bad? What is it? Should I be worried?

Apologies for the poor photo quality, as it was just taken on my phone. You can hardly see the lines in the front ones, but they are similar to the ones on my back teeth, not as noticeable though.

Please help!


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Apr 2, 2014
Don't panic. At best they're just stains, and at worst they're cavities. You should make an appointment for a cleaning and complete checkup. If it is staining it can be removed during your cleaning. If the area is sticky when a dental instrument called an explorer is placed in the dark area it is a cavity and can be easily fixed.
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