Apicoectomy Complication

May 16, 2016
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Hi there,

I had a simultaneous apicoectomy on two teeth 4 & 5 (upper right). The root tips apparently touch. Anyways I got them both root canaled last year and even one redone. It seemed to last for almost a year, however I was in excruciating pain again two months ago. I have seen an ENT twice to rule out any sinus issues. The teeth did have very dark root tips on the x-ray so I had the apicoectomies done together on the same day. I was on antibiotics prior to the surgery, during and after. However a week later when I got the stitches out I was in excruciating pain and the endodontist said everything looked fine. The next day an abscess under the gums popped and I had blood and puss pouring from the gumline of the two teeth. The endodontist put me on a different antibiotic which seemed to clear up the gum issue, however 4 weeks later and I am still getting sharp stabbing pains in the tooth, mainly number 5 I think but its hard to tell. I went back on antibiotics which seem to help with the pain/pressure although its not eradicated, there is also sensitivity to cold and hot which was originally gone after the first root canal. The gum line area still hurts. It feels like there is a heart beat where my tooth is, it is constantly throbbing and has pressure that goes into my sinus (it is unbearable when I lie down). They do not want to extract the teeth as they feel there are no cracks or any other issues (both teeth were crowned a year ago as well, so you cant really see the actual tooth) but I feel this is my last option. The surgical incision site is constantly hurting as well and if I press on it lightly, it makes my number 5 tooth feel like it wants to pop out. The problem is that everything looks fine, there are no actual signs of any infection or swelling other than the scars. The sinus area constantly pops from the pressure and the tooth number 5 I think, literally feels like it is a foreign object in my mouth versus a tooth. when my lips move over my gum when I talk, I can constantly feel it rubbing the incision site and it is so painful. My endodontist and dentist cannot seem to figure out why it is doing this as they seem to think the surgery went well. Has anybody else experienced an issue similar? I also have an issue biting down on anything, seems to hurt and hurts more shortly after.


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