Advice Needed: Failed Gum Grafting Procedure

Nov 2, 2016
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I live in the northern Virginia region, and my dentist had advised me to a gum grafting procedure due to gum recession. I was operated on 2 months ago by another in-house doctor there. Instead of using the tissue from my palate, we used artificial tissue.

My tooth has been sensitive for the past 2 months, and now it hurts whatever I eat or drink (even room temperature water). The exposed part of my tooth also looks much lower than pre-surgery.

The doctor told me everything looks "great!," but I feel awful. She tried putting fillings over the exposed area above the roots, which helped a little until it came off after 2 weeks.... It also seems to defeat the purpose on why I got the grafting procedure in the first place. So I'm seeking advice on what's the right next step for a resolution?

1. Should I go back to talk it through with my dentist on ways to treat the sensitivity? Or at least get me back to a state prior to the surgery?

2. Should I visit different dentists in the area and get their opinions? Does anyone have recommendations on dentists in the DC/Northern Virginia area?



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