Advice needed for Cosmetic surgery, oral surgery and orthopedics

Oct 29, 2017
Hello There! I was born without bottom front teeth so when I had braces at 10, yes 10 they left Baby teeth in and told me I’ll need 1 implant when I’m an adult. I got my braces off at 12.5 and then they removed Baby teeth after which they should have left in. I never wore my retainer with a plastic tooth on it and now I’m a grown adult and bottom teeth shifted dramatically forward into my lips/gums. I know I need a lot of help but not sure where to start and I really wish I could just close the space without a dental implant and then put Verneer’s on remaining lower teeth but I know it would mess up my bite. Any dentists out there that can help? I live in New York, here are my freakshow teeth. Thanksfor helping!


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