Dental Decision Help; Advice needed ASAP!

Apr 21, 2011

I'm living in Korea atm, in need to treatment, and deciding between two clinics-

Clinic A quoted a large sized bill, but included several things that Clinic B didn't mention or include in the price

After radiological and photographical imaging, Clinic A quoted me roughly $400-600 more than Clinic B, encompassing 2 inlays (fillings, I assume), one implant, 2 crowns (pushing gold), 3 scalings (smoker here), and 2 upper wisdom teeth extractions.

Clinic B, with only radiological imaging, didn't supply me with a full quote (didn't think to ask that day, arg), saying I needed 1 wisdom tooth extraction (the other, since impacted but attached or blocked by bone, would require breaking what I assume would be zygomatic bone), 2 crowns, mentioned possible work with inlays (fillings I assume), and mentioned no implants (assumed?). This clinic also mentioned possible diseased regions up above the gum line which the first clinic didn't mention. This clinic also mentioned nothing about scaling nor implant <the tooth in question's pretty bad; I'd guestimate roughly 30% of visible tooth has been decayed.>

While I'd like to save some cash, I'd rather spend the money if it'll save me in the long run. Rather, from this description, which clinic would you trust?

Additionally, which material for a crown would you personally do (gold v. porcelain+metal) ?
The major work's for 6-7 if it helps (crowns are for the upper 6s; at least there'd be symmetry)

Thanks in advance sooo much. I know I've needed this for a while, but cost has been prohibitive until now.
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