What could be the issue here?

Feb 26, 2021
I have been dealing with lower jaw pain under ear and side of neck for more than 10 months. No injuries prior. It's like burning and sore pain in the jaw under ear and neck. Been to multiple doctors and dentists. They said it's Myofascial pain dysfunction and internal derangement because of bruxism. I do have muscle tightness and stiffness.

I have 2 lump like spots in jaw under ear and neck. The lump in neck is pea like size and hard. It's the same from June'20 till now. No change in size. My physician ordered neck ultrasound and CT scan to check.

Extracted upper wisdom tooth and rct on lower molar 30( suspecting tooth root fracture,cbct clear,no cavity. 30 hurts for tapping and biting pressure before and after RCT )Pain is constant under ear & neck. My dentist told me to check about Eagles Syndrome. He said it's a rare condition and wanted me to check with ent/OMFS. 30 hurts for tapping, biting pressure. dentist want to try numbing shots to see if cause of my pain is from that tooth or not. is it safe?
Numb nerve shots really helpful to diagnose if the pain is from tooth or not? Is my issue the dental origin or something else?

I Tried custom splint and PT. Pt makes my pain worse. I have been told I am grinding and clenching hard.

@honestdoc, any inputs doctor? I deleted my previous account and couldn't login back. I have posted earlier about my issues and still the same symptoms. I had taken another new cbct scan and it doesn't show any bone loss. So my Endodontist didn't do the retreatment. He told me to hold on with pain or to go for Extraction if I don't find any other diagnosis. I am still struggling to get a diagnosis .any thoughts. I appreciate it.


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