Please help me out here, losing my mind...gum issues

Discussion in 'Periodontics' started by Neville86, Feb 14, 2014.

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    Feb 14, 2014
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    Ok so back in December I noticed under a flash light in the dark, my gums looked like this:

    Naturally, being a 27 year old non smoker non drinker, I freaked out, well, because that's what I usually do.

    I've seen a Periodontist, an ENT, and an Oral Surgeon. Im seeing a Dentist on Monday.
    Here's what each of them said.

    Periodontist--said it looks hyperkeratotic and benign. Said by looking at it he was 99 percent sure it was benign and would only biopsy if I requested it. Said it could have been caused by open mouth breathing at night/dry environments and a gingival reaction to these. Said I should use a humidifier and nasal strips and brush the gums lightly and to check back in with him in May by phone if I wanted.

    Oral Surgeon--Said it was normal. And that was really it.

    ENT--Said it was a "common stress reaction of the gingiva" and to get a cleaning from a Dentist--which I haven't had in ten years.

    So, as you can see I am worried. Three different professionals are sort of telling me three different things and you all here are telling me it's an infection. So yeah, what kind of an infection? What's more, it burns off and on now between my two front teeth, although this could be psychological cause it's so varied.

    Help me, I am literally losing my mind over this.
    Neville86, Feb 14, 2014
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