Weird tooth/gum symptoms during a stressful period now gone, should I be worried?

Feb 20, 2023

I don't know if it's a coincidence but last month my hot water tank failed and within 24 hours I started having weird feelings in my mouth. One day one tooth was extremely sensitive to heat, the next day I could drink hot coffee with no issue but either the same or a different tooth (it wasn't clear which tooth was sensitive to heat as the pain was so intense) was now sensitive to pressure. Then I felt what I assume was a gum infection that traveled from the right side to the front to the left side of my upper gum before going away on it's own.

I ended up being without hot water for 2 weeks and the weird symptoms started within 24 hours of the tank failing and went away 2 weeks later the day the new tank was installed and functional.

Is this all a crazy coincidence or did the stress of having nothing but ice cold water for 2 weeks cause all this?

I did go to the dentist in the first few days, during the time one tooth was sensitive to pressure, and he couldn't find anything wrong on the x-ray but the tooth sensitive to pressure failed the "tooth electrocution test", (I couldn't feel the electricity in that tooth) and he referred me to a specialist which I haven't gone to yet as I've been pain free. I beleive he suspected a possible tooth fracture as I think he said it was sensitve to pressure on only half the tooth or something like that.

On my referral to the specialist he wrote "15 and 17 test vital, 16 is sensitive to percussion, does not respond to vitalometer and is sensitive to tooth slooth on ML and DL" (what is ML and DL?)

I intend to go to another dentist for another opinion but was this likely all due to stress, or did stress cause an underlying problem to show symptoms?

It is approaching a month since the pain stopped and I've been completely pain free since.

I should mention that in the 1-2 months before I have a back tooth around the same area, don't know if it's the same tooth, that became sensitive to cold but being a back tooth it wasn't hard to avoid getting cold liquids on it and it never really bothered me so I didn't have it checked and it is no longer sensitive.

Thanks for any info on these weird symptoms I had during my hot water tank failure.

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