Weird teeth after tooth cleaning?

Oct 31, 2015
I've had calculus built up over a period of years since I had no access to a dentist for a long time. Before calculus built up my teeth weren't perfect but they were kind of within the bounds of normalcy. Even after the calculus built up, from the front they basically looked very yellow teeth but normally shaped and positioned aside from being somewhat crooked (though the backs had been built up quite badly with calculus giving the teeth a long appearance back there).

Anyway, it built up a lot but I was finally seen by a dentist who would actually do something and he cleaned my teeth. The bottom front teeth weren't in good shape but the top front were in better shape. Afterward the top fronts simply looked whiter but the bottoms? The two front teeth on the bottom were thin, bent, and terribly spaced, looking strange and misshapen.

Now I'm sure damage was done from the years of unfortunate neglect but they never looked like this before the calculus build up and not even right before the cleaning, only after it. So what happened? There's all this extra space and the teeth look super thin compared to the rest in my mouth, all the rest seem relatively normal...

It seems as if he damage my teeth or something. There's no explanation for it. My teeth always kept the same shape and then all of a sudden after a cleaning they're a mess. Also for the record, I read that the process should not hurt but it did, and also he was being extremely rough (I understand that you very well be gentle but he was using it like a jackhammer instead of a tool). Of note also is I felt something weird and then the doctor and nurse conversed i some type of dental code I couldn't understand, dunno if an accident happened or what but they sounded just a tad concerned.

The sad reality is that I'm only on Medi-Cal and the dentist gets payed regardless of what the outcome is like. This doctor has a history of being very cold as well. A mother brought her wailing child into the office and he was in extreme pain, some type of accident I think. The first thing asked was "What type of insurance?" Since they were apparently not properly insured the kid was sent away as quickly as they arrived. I understand it's a business but still.

TL;DR: Had bad calculus for years, bottom front teeth were pretty bad but looked like normal teeth before the calculus and just before the cleaning; after the cleaning I have super messed up teeth, so what gives?

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