Weird pressure feeling in tooth

Aug 26, 2012
Hi everyone,

I'm not 100% sure this is the right place on the forum for my question but I'm not sure where else to put it.

Anyway... yesterday I ate some chips and right out of nowhere one of my teeth started hurting really badly. I can't really describe the pain but it was just like a sting of sorts and it throbbed for a bit. I brushed my teeth immediately to get rid of any chips particles that could possible be stuck and took a pain killer because it was already too dark outside to take a proper look at the tooth. This morning I woke up and the terrible pain of yesterday was gone but now there's this weird pressure-like feeling in my tooth. It doesn't hurt but it's still a little throbbish, more in an annoying way than painful.

I've never had a cavity in my life. Nor have I ever had root canal treatments or anything like that. I go to a dentist twice a year for a check up, the last one was in May and nothing was wrong at all, he said my teeth looked perfectly fine.

My mum said that it's also possible that what I'm experiencing is an exposed tooth root.. but I've never had that before either so I have no idea if the pain I'm feeling is that.

I've never really had any toothpain so I can't compare the feeling I'm having right now with any previous experiences.

I hope anyone here can give me a little more insight as to what could possibly be wrong with me. I should probably just go to my dentist but I have an irrational fear of dentists, pain and needles... So I'd like to avoid that as long as possible.

Thank you all in advance.

- Lana.

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