Weird sensation in face / gum after root canal

Sep 13, 2023
I had root canal treatment a month ago. Whilst she was doing this I got a sudden, intense pain down the side of my nose which she said wasn't normal and injected more anaesthetic so she could continue. My face was so swollen it looked like I had a tennis ball in my cheek. This took a few days to subside although it was still tingly and numb 4 days later and still slightly swollen. Dentist prescribed antibiotics which didn't make any difference. I still have a slight lump at the site of the dental work, which I can feel when I press my cheek and it still feels a bit tingly and uncomfortable, although no tooth ache or pain as such. I wonder if there is some nerve damage? She did mention if it doesn't go she'd refer me to a specialist, but I've now lost confidence in my dentist and really don't want to go anywhere else for more invasive treatment. This has really put me of the dentist when I wasn't even keen in the first place! Any advice or anybody else experienced this? It does seem to be getting slowly better but I didn't experience this when I had root canal before. Thank you

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