Want to move out of my country, what do you recommend

Apr 21, 2023
Hi, I'm An Egyptian dentist who looks for moving out, the economic situation is really messed up enough, not only the inflation but now I'm not able to buy the adequate dental material to continue providing the same quality of treatment, it started with the prices skyrocketing, now I can't even get what I need, on the other hand, patients don't seem to understand the increase in the treatment fees, something that usually cost me x, now it is 2.5 - 3X IF I FOUND IT.
noting this, though I love my country, I can't bear the people anymore, the current overall situation of the country is driving everyone crazy.
Looking to move to another place where I can live in peace at least until this madness settles over.
the options I settled for are
-US but it is impossible, in addition to the 0% possibility of getting a VISA, I can't afford 200K, and I'm already studying for my master's degree.
-UK after passing the ORE exam and the following steps, no idea what comes after the ORE exam, will I just start applying for jobs, what are my chances of getting one?
-Australia after passing the ADC exam, also no information about what is next bit I read that getting a Visa is hard, but the same as the UK, what are my chances?
which way will you recommend even out of my options to start looking for, and if possible give me some info about what will be done in the chosen way
thanks in advance

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