Tori removed

Mar 9, 2023
I had Tori removed from bottom of my mouth on both left and right in order to accommodate easier a transition to dentures.
Within 24 hours the stitches started to tear/fall out. They tried to re-stitch both sides yesterday but the skin would no longer stretch over the areas. Now the new ones are already doing the same thing.
I am being told rinse with hydrogen peroxide a few times a day and the skin will re-grow over time.
Is this true? Am I in danger of a serious infection?



Verified Dentist
Mar 18, 2018
Hmmm, which country are you in? Sound like odd surgery if they can't suture it up.
Admittedly, the skin over tori is quite thin and fragile, but even if simple suturing can't bring the edges together, then relieving incisions would normally be the next step. We don't want wounds under tension.
Anyway, sutures are designed to pull the tissue edges back together to speed healing; called healing by "first intention". Open wound healing by "second intention" is possible, but can take much longer and can be a real nuisance. I wouldn't be using H2O2; better to use a chlorhexidine mouthwash of 0.12% or 0.2% - ask your pharmacist..


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