As a kid, i had 10 perfect teeth removed cosmetically, and i would like 4 of them re-mplanted.

Apr 6, 2023
they weren't problematic, and i am grieved about it now,
i was supposed to have 34 teeth,
and the dentist took out 10 to make it an average 24 teeth.
there was a concern about overcrowding,
but - the jaw doesn't stay the same size, it grows too!
they weren't extra teeth, they were MY teeth.
i wish that the decision makers had just waited,
seen if there was a problem,
and if there was, maybe remove a couple of teeth and SEE what next.

people will think, 'you've got straight teeth, what's the problem'

well, i have four crowns now,
that's because my bite pressure is now distributed over FEWER teeth,
so my teeth have chipped and broken off over time
and now i have NO SPARE TEETH.

so mostly i just want to warn others off this, for your kids.

and also, i KEPT my barbarically extracted teeth, perfectly good teeth,
and i wonder if they can be implanted,
if four of them can be put back additionally.
i think it can be done
i need to find a dentist who can hear my situation and explore possibilities.

i have hope about it, and that would take away my regret
Apr 6, 2023
what is wrong with bite shape with variation in how teeth align?
nothing !
it's character, personality, and natural, compared to trying to achieve lego block teeth

my surgery might go something like
preparing my teeth in a solution or even placed under my skin to see if they become viable or activated.
then ...
dentist make sockets, not sure after that
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Apr 6, 2023
please do not take your kids in to the dentist to get left with minimum quantity of teeth.
maybe wait till there is actually a problem or imminent problem.
do not go looking for problems that aren't there.
wait till the kid is a bit older,
the jaw and skull grow more and the teeth don't look so exaggerated.
definitely don't go looking for problems with wisdom teeth if there are no apparent or likely problems.
these specialists are scaring people into getting perfectly good teeth taken out by surgery and drilling, for good money.
the kid is maimed for life.

a little variation in the tooth line-up is good, natural,
and it gives personality and character.
keep it that way !

Apr 6, 2023
bone surgery is exhausting and a shock to the system,
and teeth are the very structure of your FACE.

don't get parts of your skeleton permanently removed for fashion

Apr 6, 2023
my qualifications:
i was subjected to licensed torture and excessive permanent removal of adult teeth,
with no option to say no,
as i was a kid,
and i'm still without those teeth
and i don't want anyone else to have that done to them as it's inhumane and unnecessary and disadvantageous

what's with the obsession to have 206 bones in your body [skeleton] ?
people vary, they may have 220 bones and that's perfect as well

Apr 6, 2023
i looked up dentures,
i wish i could've done the comparisons at age 7,
dentures have 7 or 8 teeth per quarter,
my dentist couldn't even leave me with that

i'm down two canines and i haven't got premolars,
they were extracted in a grievous assault.

even the dental assistant flinched a bit at the amount of teeth, blood, horror, and wrenching,
and not a noise from me

i'm glad i took my teeth with me, thank god,
they were in my school pocket in a bloodied tissue,
i got a sticker or something and bloody sockets where teeth should've been.

similarly a couple hundred years ago,
some women had operations to remove the lowest rib to be slim waisted for looks;
that's removal of skeletal structure for cosmetic reasons.

i looked up 'supernumery' teeth,
well who says they're extra?
i might've had four 'extra' teeth (long skinny single root) that would prove to be problematic
but we don't know that and i wish ... i wish a few things

Apr 6, 2023
the dentist scammer mutilater who took out my 10 teeth died young,
many years ago,
maybe aged 50,
i'm not sure how he died.

many years later, another scammer mutilater dentist - the one that recommended and proceeded to take out all my wisdom teeth - unnecessarily - by mechanical obliteration and utmost disrespect - he died some days ago -
when i was told, i said 'oh well'.

a pompous self important large-scale mutilater of people's (kids') very skeletons,
made money by scamming and scaring people into getting an operation on teeth that are barely formed, deep inside the jaw bone and showing zero sign of problem -
had the sports car with personalised plates -
menace to society - licensed masochist - rude as hell -
i also had memory difficulties after the 'surgery' which required general anaesthetic.

it makes me sick and greatly regretful to know that i am down more than one third of my teeth,
at the hands of deceptive mutilaters,
for the rest of my life.

I WISH he had said something like,
'your wisdom teeth aren't a problem,
if they do cause a problem,
we can do something about it'.
and then i would've gone to see him about it!
with regret, that never happened.

what a shameful disgusting life to lead, did mr mutilater.
the life of an absolute low acting money-grabbing destroyer of my being,
throwing away my teeth like they were garbage and a threat to my life -
no, it was he who was garbage and threat to my life.


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