Urgent : Prior to Dental wrong treatment Re evaluation and surgery

Apr 24, 2022
Hello Dentist .

As You can see I have posted alot about my oral issues .

Recently I had visited a retired Perio dentist . She looked my all previous reports , treatment plans that other dentist in dental college carried out

She pointed that My 2021 mid Radiographs shows very simple issues . Including my images of mouth areas . She says as per my mouth , tongue , throat and all sides images shows very good gum texture , shape and it's almost no issues . Only issue i had a missing crown and retained root at 18 and 48 impacted without caries . First available images shows slight yellow strains on 37,38,39 which she said possibility due to acidic food and caffeine intake habbit ( as she came to know i do consume coffee alot )

Now when she investigated my first issue which was my upper mouth and throat infection she found , images of December 7 , 2021 shows swelling of palatal gum at region 28,27,26,25,24 , 18,17,16,15,14,13

She also see this inflammation and my burning sensation of right palate with redness occured right after 3 days of my teeth scaling ( which she suspect as the prime cause of my infection of gums ) . She called that dentist and asked what he saw in follow up visit he said gum swelling. Here the situation turned to HEAT . She scolded the dentist that than why you have not ref him to perio dept ? Than she asked them ( she called the whole team to her cabin ) why the retain roots extraction took 5 visit despite CBCT saying there are 3 roots and . Actually I had 4 time visit 3 for extraction attempt and one for infection curretage of socket after complete extraction. She also pointed that till than i.e. 11 March 2022 i had heavy swelling at the palatal root proximity region which according to her indicates for Subgingival curettage due to infection spread deeper a bit. These dentist prescribed me antioxidant and gels .

Now fast forward she also pointed that in the same CBCT it shows a very tiny hole at palatal cortical plate 28 teeth palatal root apex with periapical infection. Which was ignored by all of them till now . And my infection spread to region 28 to 25 . Now i have jelly like feeling.

So I just want to ask here

As of now I have alveolar bone deformity at region 18,17

Alveolar deformity of region 28,27

My palatal cortical plate is thin at left posterior region of maxila .

Few deformity of soft tissue due to chronic infection at medically towards mid palate suture at region 28,18

And few other deformity

I just want to know even though my appointment has been fixed by them is with a Craniofacial plastic surgeon to plan my treatment and further follow to correct the things . What procedure they possibly do advice for me to correct the palatal deformity, Alveolar region deformity and the residual infection trapped inside palatal mucosa .

Can I have an idea from you all , so that i can boost my mental strength as after having so much negligence of dental dept atlast i am going to get my life back

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