Urgent wisdom tooth removal. Anyone done that?

Feb 11, 2019
I have been dealing with jaw pain and swelling for almost one and a half months. Had sinus infection and ear infection and assumed this jaw pain is because of sinus. Took antibiotics and sinus cleared. But this jaw pain and swelling still there.

I went to ENT and cleared that no sinus and ear infection. Then went to the dentist and he told x-rays and said no infection seen since I took antibiotics already, he couldn't see any infection in any tooth. Did bite test and said I might have crack or fracture on first molar. Went to an Endo and he said no fracture and might be a minor crack and told me to get a crown. I said I have bad pain everyday and he said I can go for RCT if pain is worse. My pain is not on the cracked tooth. It's on upper jaw, low jaw, ear pain and under the ear. Top of the neck. All places swollen. Lymph nodes under the ear on top of the neck is swollen too.

I went to an oral surgeon and he said my upper WT is hitting the lower gum. I don't have WT on lower. It's remobed already. So I need to remove it and I also have some hard clicking and snapping. So he prescribed some muscle relaxant and ibprufen 800.

I am taking it for a week and still the pain is throbbing. It's throbbing pain in the upper jaw, ear, neck, lymph nodes, under the ear. All looks swollen. I thought of waiting till the pain subsides to extract this WT. Looks like it getting worse. I couldn't bare the pain. Don't know if it's TMJ issue or sinus issue or WT issue. The lower end jaw under the ear and top of the neck is hurting a lot. Throbbing continuously.

I am meeting my dentist tomorrow. he said he will look into my bite using intra oral scanner and check the bite and to see how hard I am biting.

I am also thinking to take out the WT tomorrow. Hope the OS office will gave some urgent openings. Any of you done like that? How to be ready for that? What we need to know before going for WT removal? My neck is hurting a lot from yesterday. Ibprufen doesn't help at all.

I am planning for only local anesthesia and don't want to sleep during procedure. Anyone did that before?

Will they remove the tooth with pain and swelling? Or we have to wait till it subsides??

Anyone had neck pain on that side with WT pain? It's throbbing inside the ear, right side neck, low end jaw under the ear. I am hoping it's from WT.

Any inputs anyone?

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