Do you think it requires urgent attention?

Apr 23, 2021
When I was 4-5 I had a surgery where four of my baby teeth (molars) had to be removed because they were causing me pain. The thing is that this created a disaster growing up and, some adult teeth have grown and moved in wrong positions which weren't theirs. They took the spot of two premolars that were supposed to come out and consequently didn't have space to do so, for this reason now I've got a premoral under my tongue right next to other teeth which have a natural positions on the left, and on the right I've got one that is a little shifted from its natural spot (it doesn't look as bad as the other on the left which basically on the floor of the mouth). Do you think it needs urgent treatment? Thanks for time!
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Dr M

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May 31, 2019
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I would not classify this as urgent treatment. Sometimes the premolars can cause chronic ulcerations to the tongue and then you have to consider removal. If it also makes cleaning difficult, and predisposes the other teeth to cavity formation, you can consider removing them.
When you have time, you can seek the opinion of your local dentist, to evaluate if anything needs to be done.


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