Urgent opinion or referral needed

Nov 11, 2022
We are really in a very bad situation with my DD's teeth. The early treatment was not recommended by several orthos, but now it gotten so bad that ortho wants to pull 4 teeth. I am not comfortable doing it and prefer to get her teeth as good as we can get it. Ortho said it is impossible without pulling teeth, bc of the small mouth. Looking for opinions and maybe names of any brilliant orthos across US for second opinion on treatment. Overbite 14.5 mm flared out 4 front teeth, mild crowding on the bottom with 2 front teeth growing too high into soft tissue (needs extra space to be pulled down) His opinion-underdeveloped bottom jaw, overgrown top jaw. Wants to pull 4 teeth, wear headgear and still does not think that she will not avoid the jaw surgery later. Does not want to use expander or Herbst. Said Herbst is going to make it worse without pulling teeth. She is 13.

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