Upper lateral incisor - grew behind front tooth - extracted! Need advice

May 7, 2017
My lateral incisor grew on the roof of my mouth (just behind my foot tooth) luckily my canine tooth went into the place where the incisor is meant to be. I had the incisor extracted almost a week ago and have since been back to the dentist 4 days ago because I was getting a lot of pain, my dentist cleaned the area, put something inside there like brown paste and like cotton wool, he said there is no sign of infection. Since then the pain is actually worse, it's affecting my front tooth and the canine, I can't bite any food on there, and the whole area is sore and can't eat properly. I just wanted to know if this was normal? I don't want to bother the dentist again if it is, also when he packed it does that packing need to come out because I'm worried that it's stuck up there and my gum is going to heal over it?

Thank you I would really appreciate the advice

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