Xrays showed cavity on Upper Canine. During filling, Doc said she found another cavity in adjacent

May 10, 2019
So I had some xrays taken that showed a single cavity in my right upper canine. Went in for filling, and during the filling the Doc said she found a cavity in the adjacent tooth. I was very confused because she had just taken xrays of my whole mouth and nothing was found in this tooth. The tooth looked completely fine to me, no pain etc...I was sort of reluctant to have any more fillings put in, but she was adamant that I should have it done right away. I finally agreed, and now I have a very noticeable filling in my front tooth. It doesn't blend in well at all. I very much liked the way my teeth looked before I had this filling put in, and now not so much.There is also some mild irritation in the area between the two teeth that were worked on. What can I do? Thanks so much for any help.

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