Tooth pain despite basically no decay

Dec 21, 2021
Hey folks. The tooth in question, if I read the chart right, is #29 (second bicuspid). Went to the dentist 3 months ago, she said there was a tiny, barely noticable hole from decay. Didn't even feel pain myself, but figured I should get it sorted out ASAP, before it widens. So she gets the drill, to widen it so she can fill it I guess , and I get an extremely painful zap through my entire body. Felt those before, but only with really badly decayed teeth. So I ask for an anesthetic. She applies a topical one (some spray I think, or a dripper, I forgot). Tries the drill again. Extremely painful, yet again. She's confused, because the decay is basically non existent, but agrees. So I get some special needle that goes waaaay back in my jaw - she says it's different because it's the lower jaw. Alright. She gives me that painful shot, and after some 10 minutes or so, I can feel my jaw tingling, and tounge going a bit numb. She tries the drill again. Extremely painful, again. Now both of us are confused, because the anesthesia worked, but it did nothing to the pain in the tooth. I know I'm not immune to it, I had much work done and it worked every time. She waits a bit more, for anesthetic to get stronger I assume. We try again, same deal. We book another day, and she applies some cure or whatever, I think its supposed to seal it or kill the nerve. Except it did nothing weeks later, as I can't chew on that side now, thanks to her half finished work. The day of the 2nd visit comes, and its a repeat of the first. Anesthetic doesn't work, she applies some cure on it again. 3rd visit approaching in 8 days. I still can't chew on that side due to pain to hot, cold or any pressure. I fear the anesthetic won't work again. She told me to bare through it, as it would take her only 2 mins to widen it, but that's a no go since it hurts REALLY BAD. I had a surgery without anesthesia done on my finger, without letting a sound, so I can manage pain, but this is insane. She doesn't get what's going on, as the decay is really small and it shouldn't hurt at all, let alone like that. Is there anything I can do prior to my visit, so it doesn't end up the same? Thank you.


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