Swollen Gum

Nov 10, 2023
Just to start, I have booked in with my dentist but they can’t see me until Tuesday so I am looking for some advice in the meantime.

I woke up a couple of days ago with swelling along the right side of my gym which was making it look like my face was a bit swollen. I did not have any pain it just felt a little weird to smile.

I did a salt water rinse in an attempt to reduce the swelling and wait it out to see it if went down. Later in the day I took some painkillers for a separate issue but I noticed by the evening that the swelling had reduced to just being above one tooth.

Since the swelling has stayed around the same same size still with no pain as it is but the same feeling when I smile. It is tender/minimal pain to touch. This morning I went floss between the tooth it’s above and my gym started bleeding.

One of the teeth I had a filling on about a month and a half ago and I’m unsure if this is related. But I have had no pain in this tooth since the filling. And there is no obvious boil or pimple shape on my gym it is just very large outwards compared to my surrounding gym.

If anyone could offer any advice as to what this could be, what I can do to help it until my dentist appointment and anything I should be avoiding that would be great, thank you!

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