Scared after biopsy

May 31, 2013
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hI, I am female 37 , never smoked and dont drink.
A month ago I developed a huge lump on the left side of my hard palette on roof of mouth, accompanied by pain and a sore throat. About 7 days later the pain started to lessen (though still very sore to touch) but lump remained. My doc said biggest lump she seen. Went to dentist and he said possible relation to my nearby tooth that was dead awaiting root canal, currently with a large temp filling. Couple days later I started antibiotics and a wk later the lump had reduced by a third. Dentist said I may have to go oral surgeon because it did look a little sinister. However he said fact antibiotic reduced its size was good. Soon after went to an oral surgeon who sent me for scans. When I returned he said the pictures were not great and that there was no definitive obvious cause for lump. He did a biopsy that day, also by now lump was almost gone but had a obvious area still with a white patch and punched line around which he wasn't concerned about. After the biopsy he said the tissue he removed was very soft and not like cancer tissue that is normally hard. He sent for another scan which did show evidence of a pathway from tooth to area of biopsy. He says he 99% sure nothing serious. Couple days later the small white patch has re appeared with red around. When I asked before he said maybe salivary calcification? I am FREAKING OUT. What are chances of something serious? No lump has returned but just seems an area that hasn't returned to normal. sorry for essay any advice suggestions be greaty appreciated :)


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