Scared of a cavity reopening a week after the dentist filled it?

Mar 22, 2018
Hi, I’m concerned about a cavity in which the bonding may have fallen off. I went to the dentist about a week after I began feeling pain in a tooth in my top back tooth when chewing. The pain only persisted when I chewed food of any consistency. The dentist took xrays of my teeth and did a 10 minute bonding/filling procedure to fix it, (i don’t remember which one) as it was a minor cavity. Now, a week after the bonding I feel the same pain as before in the same area when chewing, and it only started today. I think the source may be lying in my broken rubber retainer which I sadly still use. I feel it is possible so does anyone think my cavity reopened? I was wondering if the reopening if a cavity has happened so soon to someone after someone has had it filled or bonded. Did the cavity turn out worse than it previously was before the bonding? I know it’s just one cavity, but having a repeat cavity after getting it fixed is just sad and worrisome. Thanks for any help.

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