Daughter Scared to Death

Aug 24, 2017
My 7 year old daughter recently had 3 extractions for overcrowding. Her adult teeth are coming in faster than she can lose her baby teeth. She needs 6 teeth out total, so she has 3 more to go. Our dentist recommended one side of the face at a time. The experience was horrendous for her. She tried so hard to be brave, but the pain from the needles was awful. Then she vomited in the waiting room and was put on vitals for an hour while her temperature spiked then dropped. We went back to get the other 3 out, but even with the gas, she was too anxious for them to proceed. Now we have to go to an oral surgeon so she can be put out. This will be her 5th appointment in the last two months - having first seeing the dentist, then referral to an ortho to confirm the teeth needed to be extracted, back to the dentist for the extractions, back again to try the other extractions, and now going to a surgeon for a consultation. My daughter cries hearing "teeth" or "dentist." How do I not traumatize her and get the teeth out?


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