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Sep 9, 2018
I had a root canal treatment done on my right lower molar. Both of my lower wisdom teeth should have been removed years ago and due to my negligence they were ignored. Each wisdom tooth is facing sideways pushing against each molar, creating the need for a root canal on both molars. We started with the right, lower molar last week and the the root canal was done in three procedures. I am scheduled to go back for a follow up and observation later this week. After this period I am supposed to have the wisdom tooth removed and only then can they do the crown. I do have some questions I'd like to check as I don't feel there is enough clarity:

1) After each procedure of the root canal the endodontist put a hard, rubbering white material on the molar area. Is this the only thing covering the tooth at this time or is there another layer that is sealed?
2) Is it okay if some of the white material comes off, mostly all on and sturdy but occasionally a few flakes will come off. I am worried is fluids go down into the tooth, etc.?
3) Since the final third procedure, it has been four days. I don't have significant pain in my tooth or head but I do feel the right side of my head has continuously different feelings, light pressure that moves around the head and down the neck. It's just an uneasy feeling more than pain. Is this totally normal?
4) What happens after the root canal in terms of what is put in-between the tooth and the white material?

I greatly appreciate any of your feedback. Thank you!

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