Question on material type to use

Feb 20, 2021
I apologize for pestering people with this question. I have tried messaging those who make fangs for a living but havent gotten anyone friendly enough to talk to me muchless share their secrets.

Ive watched hundreds of dental videos from professional dentists on youtube, read dozens of articles, and have come to the conclusion of using luxatemp to make fangs. I've been using it so far with decent results but my real goal is to make full upper removable veneers instead of caps, sort of like a denture/veneer. I've learned to use dental plaster, shake tables, wax ups, dental putty that hardens into a rigid yet somewhat pliable mold and a dental drill for shaping and filing. The problem is I can't make a fully functional upper even painting the luxatemp on a casting with a silicone brush in fairly thick layers (I even tried to use a UV cure composite as a base layer.) What can I use to make an upper similar to a snap on smile design? Something thin yet very strong. Dental acrylic as a pourable medium has been horrible which is why I resorted to luxatemp in the first place. Should I resort to learning how to work with porcelain with a metal backing? I've always been interested in this for some reason and I've finally picked up a second job so I could afford the materials. I'm willing to learn/experiment with any materials.

Any help anyone can provide is greatly appreciated and I thank you for your time and ideas.

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