Question about my new partial plate

Feb 3, 2021
My dentist created a new partial plate for me, but when he put it in my mouth, it didnt fit properly. He tried several times to readjust it with his tools, and I had to go back to him several times as the denture continued to hurt my mouth.
After all of this, he drilled my teeth several times to try to make my teeth fit the denture. After several more visits, and more drilling of my teeth, he never was able to correct things, and I now have no denture, and my previous denture which was getting old no longer fits my mouth because he altered the dimension of several of my teeth.
Is it acceptable to drill a patient's natural teeth to fit the teeth to the ill-fitting denture?
Thank you for your opinions. If you are a dentist or denturist, please include that information in your response. Much appreciated!



Verified Dentist
Jun 14, 2018
When fabricating a metal frame partial denture, it is customary to lightly prep (drill) teeth for guide planes and metal rests on teeth for stable fittings before final impressions (moldings). It is unusual to drill teeth after fabrication. Since I am not familiar with your case, I cannot fully speak about the reasons for drilling.

I don't like metal frames unless you are a heavy grinder and clencher and if you don't have adequate vertical space. I prefer flexi gum colored (pink) frames which may be more accommodating.


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