Problems with gum disease and white spots

Apr 18, 2021

I have recently had dental work completed in Mexico. Fillings, etc... And I am due an extraction of my wisdom tooth on Wednesday which was made worse by a stupid dentist who decided it was ok to fill over what she referred to as 'soft decay'. That was even though I asked her not to. I have had no end of problems with that tooth since. While at was at her surgery, which was back home in London, she told me that my teeth were all fine,that is even though I was complaining of tooth ache in the top wisdom tooth, that is above the one she filled over. Fast forward two weeks later, I arrived in Mexico and was suffering major pain with the tooth she filled over. I went to the dentist and he told me I need an extraction and there is nothing I can do to save the tooth. He also pointed out a cavity I had in the top wisdom tooth, that is the same tooth I had been complaining about two weeks earlier in the surgery in London. To cut a long story short, I had that tooth filled and he also pointed out other fillings (almagaram) that needed replacing. I had all of them replaced with composite fillings and another two I think are either being crowned or inlays because the decay under the fillings were quite large. I have since complained about the London dentist, and have gone to a solicitor. Not only this but they also fitted me a filling a year earlier which snapped taking some of my tooth and when I returned told me I needed a crown. I then waited a year for an appointment with a broken tooth and when I returned another dentist said I shouldn't have a crown and try with another filling because crowns can cause infections. My point here is that I am scared senseless of all these cavities and it has got to the point where its affecting my mental health. I can't eat and I am now self medicating because I have white spots on my front teeth which I have convinced myself is decay. I fear Re-visiting the dentist in the UK because of the problems I've had and although a friend told me to try private as its better, I just can't afford private dental care back home. I also have gum disease, again the problem wasn't diagnosed by my own dentist and was diagnosed after I visited the dentist in Spain. I really want to sort my teeth out and currently on xilotol, omega 3, magnesium, calcium and vitamin D and also oil pulling... That is along woth flossing, interdental brushes, 6-8 bottles of mouthwash per month and sensodyne toothpaste with 1426 ppm flouride. However, it feels nothing is helping and I am honestly suffering mentally. I have enquired about tooth implants in Turkey which is definitely more affordable than the UK, but I see dentists in UK warning against it on YouTube video content. I am beginning to feel suicidal with what is happening to my teeth. I am 36 almost and it has really knocked my confidence... I just feel I am going to loose my teeth and my life and career will be over. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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