1st molar problems

Jul 29, 2020
So I had an onlay done about 2 years ago.. the dentist recommended it and I as young and had no clue what was going on. I really wasn’t even feeling pain in the tooth at the time.. but I had insurance and it was covered. Fast forward to now It started hurting when I chewed anything. Then about 4 days later I bit on a peanut and my tooth broke off.
I went to another dentist because I had a horrid exp with my old one and he said he said he doesn’t know if it was the tooth or the filling that cracked. He recommended a root canal and crown. He also mentioned that he wasn’t sure if the crack when down past the gum line. I got the root canal.. but still felt pain. I went back and got multiple xrays and they said “it’s fine, maybe food irritating the gum” so I got the got the crown placed hoping that would help prevent this “irritation from food”. It’s been maybe a month or so. And I still have the intermittent discomfort/pain on the same side that the tooth chipped on. I floss 3x daily to fish for food under there. It still hurts. I’ve been searching on google and saw things like hairline fracture etc and it confident that’s what I have now. Prior to getting the root canal, the tooth would only hurt if I bit on it and let go. I don’t want to consistently take nsaids for a tooth that I’ve paid almost $4000 total for (including the first onlay)
What do I do? Are they going to have to extract the tooth? Should they have extracted the tooth when I went to them in the first place instead of pushing for a root canal? Am I gonna have to pay for an implant at only 23?!! Can I get a refund on the prior treatments on the tooth? I’m just so lost and annoyed and also tired of spending money for no results

Dr M

Verified Dentist
May 31, 2019
Good day

Usually if a crack was seen, it is important to follow the crack in order to determine how deep it goes. If it was superficial, the root canal and crown should have solved the problem-keeping in mind that a root canal has various factors that also determine if it was successful or not.
If the crack goes into the pulpal floor or root of the tooth, the tooth usually gets extracted, since it is deemed unrestorable.
After a root canal has been completed, there can be some residual sensitivity for a time, but this should gradually decrease.
I usually don't place crowns on symptomatic root canals if I am not sure the root canal was successful.
It might be best to get a second opinion, maybe from an endodontist, which is a specialist in root canal treatments. He can evaluate the root canal that has been done, to see if there was any canals missed or roots that has been short filled, and then possibly re-do the root canal through the crown if this is the case.
He also has sophisticated technology, to determine if there is a crack ( cbct scans and/or microscopes ) and can then determine if the tooth is worth spending money on or not.

Hope this helps a little bit.


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