Failed root canal or sinus problems

Jan 3, 2020

I wonder if anyone might be able to offer advise.

The last eighteen months I've been going private to have a some long overdue dental work.

The problem I have is in the upper left. My wisdom tooth was pulled five years ago due to failed root canal. However, the tooth immediately next to it needed root canel too. This only seemed to be a partial success as mildly hot drinks would trigger pain. However, the dentist did a scan and x-ray and said nothing could be seen. However, this sensitive tooth was now being used to support a bridge, not the ideal foundation I know. So, I got a specialist root canal person to drill though the bridge and have another attempt at the tooth. She told me that one pathway out of four she could not get acsess to. This was upsetting as I am now living with a bridge supported by a tooth which is nervy.

This is my predicament, I need to do something as its affecting the quality of my life enormously. However, the dentist said my nerve pain and headaches could equally be a result of on going sinus problems I have as the tooth in question shares the same pathway. THIS I CAN UNDERSTAND, HOWEVER, IF IT WAS NOT FOR THE PAIN I EXPERIENCE WHEN HAVING WARN TEA, I WOULD BE INCLINED TO THINK MY PROBLEMS ARE SINUS RELATED.

My dentist has said that if he pulls this tooth out he can't put an implant in as it's too close to the Sinuses. So it looks like I will have a very large space (4 teeth in total) on the upper left.

I have got an ENT appointment pending, however, I feel sure the problem is with the tooth affecting the sinus, rather than the sinus affecting the tooth. I feel this way as the tooth is the only trigger it seems.


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