Pressure built up in front teeth


Jun 18, 2021

For the past 3 weeks I have been suffering from severe pain in my lower front 4 teeth, this subsequently spread into my gums and the flesh between gums and bottom lip.

I had to wait 2 weeks for an ‘emergency app’ the dentist ha da quick look and crated and states root canal was needed but couldn’t tell which tooth, so has decided to proceed with the one that hurts the most currently. This appointment is now 4 weeks away as that’s the earliest they can get me back in.

In the mean time my biggest query is the pain that isn’t in my teeth, as I said the gums and flesh are extremely sore and tender (looks and feels infected to me) and now suffering with severe pressure and pain in my chin, which when I press my chin the pressure travels up into my teeth, very painful to eat and difficulty sleeping due to the pain.

I expressed all these symptoms to the dentist who suggested it was just trapped gas in my
Chin. I never knew that was even a thing.
So my only option in now the root canal.
There is clearly something going in that whole patch between teeth and chin that is unlike anything I’ve felt before.

Just wondered if anybody has ever had similar experiences or symptoms in the past?

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