Why are half my upper teeth numb and feel pressure?


Jul 23, 2018
Recently i had to go to dentist for tooth pain . He put a filling in my molar and i was still in pain. Went back and had the lower left wisdom tooth pulled and after was still in pain. Went back again and had the molar pulled that had a filling. There is a canker sore on the side of the gum where the molar was that has a small bit of exposed bone. The dentist thought this was the source of pain. As soon as he pulled the molar my pain was relieved but short lived. I am now having extreme pressure and numbness in the roof of my mouth, So much so my teeth feel loose and there is a lot of pain and pressure. There is some swelling around the gum and teeth. i have very painful spots on the roof of the mouth. The front teeth hurt and feel pressure. I have been using a mouth guard to cover the canker as it is against my tongue. I have finished the antibiotics, and the extractions are healing. Its just the canker and this weird pain and pressure that I am having at the top of my mouth. What is this pressure and pain and what can I do to resolve it?



Verified Dentist
Jun 14, 2018
It is inadequate to diagnose without pictures and images, but I'm suspecting possible sinus pain/infection. Does the pain become more pronounced when you bend down and walk up & downstairs? If so, go to your physician and get it checked out


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