Possibly cracked tooth question?

Nov 3, 2017
Okay so I have been to the dentist 5 times this month. First time I got 10 total fillings all back teeth, top and bottom of both sides. Ever since then I’ve been having pain in a tooth in between two teeth that got fillings. The tooth that hurts was deemed perfectly healthy. Is it possible that the fillings or all of the bite alterations somehow moved this tooth? It feels like it’s hitting the tooth under in (another healthy tooth). But the dentist says that it’s not hitting down on the tooth under it, he said it is just touching the tooth under but it feels like it’s hitting because the tooth is already in pain. He said that it may be cracked and if that’s the case I will need a root canal. I maxed out on my insurance with the 10 fillings and really can’t afford to go to the orthodontist that he referred me to out of pocket. Should I just believe him that it’s not hitting the bottom tooth and fork over the $2k for a root canal so that I don’t have to pay the orthodontist plus root canal? Will it maybe go away within 2 months? (Amount of time till insurance resets.) any advice or experience greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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