Detecting pulpitus and possibly related infection

Aug 15, 2013
I had my first root canal ever on my right maxillary first molar (1.6), and subsequently a large filling (MOD) on 1.7. About two months after this I started getting pain that is symptomatic of pulpitus, possibly irreversible (spontaneous dull aches, extreme temperature sensitivity that does not abate rabidly but leaves residual pain).

My dentist could not detect any cause for this, and sent me to the endodontist who did the root canal, and he could not detect any cause either. There was no visible infection in any nearby teeth top or bottom.

So now he wants me to wait for a return appointment for 3 weeks by which time he hopes the symptoms will be clearer. He can't do anything now since the pain is not perfectly localized. I am pretty sure it is in the root canaled tooth but it does sometimes appear in the lower corresponding moral or even more vaguely localized. I don't really like the idea of just waiting until the pain gets worse, and perhaps the damage harder to deal with, but I can't see what else could be done.

Any general comments would be appreciated, but my specific question is: is it possible that this pain is due primarily to infection which cannot be detected in an x-ray, or is it more likely (given the statistical reference class such as it is, described above) that the inflammation is due to some other trauma (due to the fillings, or the fact the teeth are all cracked and have some pain on biting (not that I can still bite on them now))?

If the latter, then what would happen in three weeks time when there would still be no infection detected? Should I then just expect greater pain until it is clear it is in one tooth only, and then it can be pulled or root-canaled (probably in my case the former since no funds available)? In the case of the first root canal on 1.6 the pain did not get localized until after it was very very painful, and the diagnosis had already been made despite lack of localization, due to the x-ray evidence of infection. If there is no infection, I don't want to have to wait that long to get a diagnosis, since there will be very bad pain!

Thank you.

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