10 day Fever possibly from tooth infection or from Metronidazole?


Mar 14, 2017
Hi there,

I've got a 2nd lower molar that's due to come out (Waiting for a referral.) My dentist tried to extract it but couldn't get it properly numb, and I was left with a bit of a messed up tooth where she had attempted it. She put a dressing on it and referred me. Tooth was broken prior to her attempt.

About a 2-3 weeks later it started bothering me and I decided it had gotten infected. They perscribed me 5 days of Amoxicillin and send me on my way. Shortly after finishing that course I could tell the infection hadn't clearled and went back, they then perscribed 5 days of Metronidazole instead and sent me off again.

About 2 days into the course of the Metronidazole I caught a cold, and then a day later, started to come down with a fever. I figured that fever was caused by the Metronidazole at first since it was on the list of side effects and so was dizziness. I also had a skin rash at the end (not itchy or lumpy, only visable when I was too hot) as well as feeling sick, and loss of appetite, tooth infection felt like it had gone down (very small lump on the gum that is hard to make out if it's even a lump, not bulging or anything, only slightly, was just more pale than the rest of the gum)

Now, about 10 days after I first got that fever, I still have it. I know this isn't normal. Does anyone have any ideas? Could the Metronidazole have caused a fever that lasts this long? If it was my tooth, could I come down with a fever while on the antibiotics? I'm waiting for a doctor's appointment right now, but I'm wondering if it's better that I go back to my dentist again, although I'm expecting them to just throw antibiotics at me again. Can I ask them to clean the tooth out that's pending extraction?

Right now I feel like I'd rather wait on the doctor and be sure the fever isn't some reaction to the Metronidazole rather than end up with the dentist perscribing it to me again.

Really hope someone can give some advice or point me in the right direction here.


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