Please help, ligament or mystery

Jan 25, 2023
So what exactly does it mean when you have biting pain and pressure on a tooth before the root canal and still after the root canal it’s been 5 months. Can even feel it when I suck air in or speak at times. The endodontist says the ligament is probably bruised. The x-rays look beautiful. The dentist said the same thing he said a periodontist probably wouldn’t even be able to do anything and did not give me any more information. Where do I go from here? This is very frustrating. I had a root canal over 10 years ago that ended up with biting pressure. I never went away and I had to have it pulled. . I am assuming there is something wrong with the ligaments on that side of my mouth but what do I do? Who do I see? I can’t take this anymore.

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