Peridex, salt water rinse, salty gums, pain flossing, bad taste in mouth, halitosis

Feb 26, 2020
Been dealing with halitosis I stopped flossing three years ago (got injured ended up in hospital) and idk what happened I was taking antipsychotics and my mouth chemistry just changed. I've started flossing again recently cus I noticed my gum was bleeding in one area. I've also started swishing with salt water. My gums hurt when I floss not all the areas but yah they never used to hurt. I went to an emergency dental clinic today the guy said my gums don't look bad whatever that means and he prescribed me peridex which I am now using as of tonight along with flossing with thread brushing tongue scraping and using mouthwash. Idk there's just this bad taste in my mouth and also my right tonsil has been sore for quite some time I hoenstly believe it could be from them so I'm planning on getting them removed once I get the green light from the ent I will see in March. I also get a bad taste sometimes when I swallow which is why I think it could be from that. It's just that like.for a while I would suck on my teeth and like it didn't taste good. I wonder if it's dry mouth? The only things I could think of it being is dry mouth, gum disease, acid reflux, tonsil stones, sinus infection/post nasal drip?? Or something to do with my stomach I read some people talking about histamine and hpylori which I don't know much about. Can I use the salt water rinse while using peridex or is that bad ? I hope I dont get black tongue from using the peridex I even read it could cause dry mouth and gingivitis ??? Lol like what? I saw a perio he said my gums look good but I'm getting a second opinion in JULY. I just really wanna clear up this halitosis it's taking a toll on my mental health and self confidence nah mean? Also I sneeze like three times a day (never had this) and idk why is that a sinus infection?


Verified Dentist
Jun 14, 2018
How you know you have gum disease is the pocket probings are 4 mm and higher. 4 mm usually means inflammation, 5 mm and higher means inflammation with attachment loss. Try to do as thorough home care as possible including cleaning the tongue. You may need to visit the medical doctors for discussions on medications, possible gastro conditions like you mentioned, and possible diabetes. The most common cause from my observations are people not eating properly and developing "Keto" breath. That happens when the body breaks down fats instead of sugar. There are numerous diet trends that restrict carbs leading to that breath. I don't like Peridex rinse especially long term if you have normal pocket depths. It may lead to discolored or darkening of teeth and the laziness of thorough hygiene.


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