Painful fillings after using Orajel?

Sep 26, 2015
I had a pain from a small inflammation between two teeth, and used Orajel to soothe it. The pain hasn't come back since, but the point between two fillings further back in my mouth became really sensitive. Applying more Orajel made the pain far worse. I'm not sure if it's as simple as me biting down too hard while my mouth was a little numb and damaging the filling, or if it somehow reacted badly to the Orajel or something. I waited to see how it was in the morning and it's just as sensitive.

It aches in general now, and so much as lightly touching the filling causes a huge surge of pain. I plan to see the dentist asap, but any ideas what this might be and what might need to be done next? I can't see any actual damage to the filling, it doesn't feel like it's damaged, but I'm no expert :p

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