Should I proceed with cutting open a painful lump on my gums?

Mar 13, 2017
This lump (the size of a finger nail) first appeared a few months ago, and because I literally could not eat due to the pain, I went to the dentist who said that it was caused by an infection which came due to a pocket with a depth of 9 mm. He cut the lump open and removed the contents, then he told me that if I wash my teeth often and use listerine, the pocket should start normalizing and that I should avoid eating on that side of the mouth for some time.

So when he had removed the contents inside this lump, the pain completely disappeared. I was happy, until yesterday, when the lump appeared once again, on the same spot. I have to admit that I haven't been following the advice of the dentist very closely, so I have no one else but myself to blame. But the difference this time is that I know exactly what it is, and perhaps I could avoid taking another visit to the office if I can do the procedure myself, since it's such a minor one.

This would provide me immediate relief instead of having to order a visit, and pay the money for that visit. So here is my question... what are the risks associated with trying to do this on my own? I know that I should be careful so I don't drop the needle down my throat, I know that I should sterilize the needle, and I know that I should not swallow anything that comes out. Anything else that I need to know, or have not mentioned? Thanks in advance

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